June 14, 2024

22 Superb Subject And Predicate Activities

Grammar can be both difficult and boring for students. It’s one of those subjects that causes students to simply check out; especially when they have to learn more complex grammar like subject and predicate. However, learning grammar is crucial for kids to develop their reading and writing skills as well as their comprehension abilities. Make grammar fun and engaging with these 22 subject and predicate activities!

1. Mixed Bad of Subject and Predicate

Form 10 complete sentences and grab two different colors of construction paper. Write complete subjects of the sentences on one color and complete predicates on another. Place them in two sandwich bags and have the students pull one of each to form meaningful sentences.

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2. Dice Activity

This is one of the best activities for learning grammar. Split your students into pairs and have two dice templates to create subject and predicate die. The kids then make the dice and roll them to form sentences. They can then read out their complete sentences and pick favorites!

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3. Subject And Predicate Song

Sing-alongs are a great way of teaching kids complex subjects. Watch this 2-minute video and encourage your kiddos to start singing along. It will help them develop a better understanding of subjects and predicates in no time.

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4. Sentence Labeling Game

Write 5-6 Sentences on poster paper and stick them on the walls. Divide the class into groups and ask them to mark as many subjects and predicate as they can within the allotted time. 

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5. Cut, Sort, And Paste

Give each student a page with a few sentences on it. Their task is to cut the sentences and sort them into four categories— complete subject, complete predicate, simple subject, and simple predicate. They can then paste the sorted sentences and compare their answers.

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6. Complete Sentence

Distribute printouts of sentence strips among the students. Some sentence strips are subjects while others are predicates. Ask the kids to use them to form sentences. 

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7. Color The Words Activity

With this activity sheet, you can have your students practice their grammar in a more fun and informal way. All they have to do is identify the subject and predicate in these sentences and identify them using different colors!

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8. Build A Sentence

Use this printable pdf to host a fun grammar session in your classroom! Hand out printouts of these sentences and ask your students to color the subjects and predicates. Then, they have to match the subjects with the predicates to form meaningful sentences.

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9. Story Time Grammar

Turn dull grammar into fun storytime! Pick an interesting story that your students love and ask them to pick out the subject and predicate in the sentences. You can even hand out a highlighter and ask them to mark the words.

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10. Place Correct Eggs In The Nest

Make a tree with two nests — one with subjects and the other with predicates. Cut out egg shapes with subject and predicate parts of the sentences written on them. Put the eggs in a basket and ask the kids to pick up an egg and place it in the correct nest.

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11. Mix And Match Game

Fill two boxes with cards containing subjects and predicates each. The students can then select one subject card and match it with as many predicate cards as they can. See how many complete sentences they can make!

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12. Interactive Subject and Predicate Review

This online activity works as a fun test to assess your student’s understanding of grammar. They will identify subjects and predicates in different sentences as well as create their own sentences and clarify the subject and predicate, which will help them understand the placement of subjects and predicates.

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13. Name The Underlined Part

Write complete sentences on different pieces of paper and underline either the subject or the predicate. Students have to correctly guess whether the underlined part is the subject or the predicate.

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14. Interactive Notebook Activity

This is one of the best interactive activities for teaching grammar. You’ll be making a colorful notebook with different sentences that have colored subject and predicate tabs. 

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15. Subject And Predicate Foldable

Fold a sheet of paper in half and cut the upper half from the middle- forming subject and predicate tabs. Include definitions and sentences under the folded parts, with the subject part of the sentence under the subject tab and the predicate part under the predicate tab!

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16. Watch Videos

Make grammar easy to understand by pairing it with illustrated cartoons and animations. Videos make it easy to explain the topic simply and will keep the kids engaged. Pause after the sentences and make the kids guess the answers!

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17. Digital Activity

Use some of the digital subject and predicate activities available online to make your classes fun and interactive. These pre-made digital activities include sorting, underlining, and drag-and-drop activities.

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18. Add a Predicate

Hand out printouts of incomplete sentences with only the subject part displayed. Students must then add proper predicates to complete these sentences. Watch your students get creative and come up with some wacky sentences!

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19. Subject Predicate Worksheets

Download this worksheet and distribute the printouts among the students. Ask the students to circle the subjects and underline the predicates. 

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20. Online Subject And Predicate Test

Challenge your learners to test their understanding of subjects and predicates by taking an online test. They must determine whether the underlined part of a sentence is a subject, predicate, or neither.

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21. Subject Unscramble

Give your students printouts of simple sentences that are scrambled. Their task is to unscramble the sentences and identify the subject in each sentence. It’s a simple and fun activity that will work as a great refresher on their subject and predicate knowledge.

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22. Fun Online Classroom Game

This is a great game for second to fourth-graders. Give the kids a group of words and have them discuss and decide whether it is the subject or the predicate.

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