April 21, 2024

4 Common Questions That People Ask About LEED Green Associate Training

You’re seriously thinking about entering a training program for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, and eventually obtaining your certification. Even so, there are a few questions that need answering before you take the next step. Here are four of the more common questions that people ask about the LEED green associate training along with the answers.

How Long Does The Training Usually Take?

Many training programs are flexible when it comes to the amount of time it takes to take all of the courses involved. This is done by providing a broad time frame in which you can pursue the coursework. Generally, you will have a full year after enrollment to complete everything.

This makes it possible for you to schedule time around other tasks that need your attention. You can pursue the studies in the evenings after work, on weekends, or any other time that works for you. Some people complete everything and are ready for their AP testing in as little as seven weeks.

Will It Really Help With Obtaining Certification?

There is no doubt that what you encounter in the training is valuable in terms of preparing you for the exam and ultimately certification. Even if you already know a lot about green living and sustainability, the training is likely to expose you to things that you did not know before. They are highly likely to be included in the exam.

How much the training helps with exam preparation is up to you. Take the work seriously and you will emerge with more knowledge and understanding at your fingertips. Choose to skim over the materials and there will be less information to take with you when it’s time for the exam.

How Do I Know The Training Program is The Real Deal?

There are plenty of online courses that make a lot of claims, but are basically designed for no other purpose than to separate you from your money. As that relates to LEED green associate training, it helps to know if a program is really legitimate, or if you would not get anything out of it. One way has to do with the type of endorsements the program is able to maintain.

Always look to see if it has the approval of the US Green Building Council. In fact, you can check with the Council online to find programs that are recognized and endorsed. This will help save time, money, and ensure that what you learn is likely to help you gain certification.

How Hard is the Training?

Do expect the training to be comprehensive and up to date. Since the point is to prepare you for seeking certification, there will be a lot of information that you need to absorb. People who tend to soak up data without a lot of difficulty will relish the way the training is structure. It may be challenging, but it will also be welcoming.

Self-discipline and organization will help you gain a grasp of the information with greater ease. Set aside specific times for those online classes, as well as time to study in between sessions.

Remember that the associate training will help you prepare for a career that’s based on making the world a better place while still earning an equitable living. Approach the effort with a full commitment to get the most out of the training that you can. If you do, then there will be no doubt that the time and effort was worth it.