June 15, 2024

District continues to excel in academics, with finances

Bill Wise

This school year we have been given the opportunity to reimagine what our schools can look like in a more flexible learning environment to provide our students with a stronger technology-rich educational foundation.

We never have been more focused and determined to ensure that each child is challenged to learn, prepared to pursue a fulfilling post-high school path and empowered to become a resilient, lifelong learner.

Our students continue to improve each year with the class of 2021 earning the highest graduation rate in the history of the district at 88.41%. Last school year, our students took more than 2,370 college courses and earned more than 7,100 college credits while also working on graduation requirements. The average college credit per hour in Ohio is approximately worth $500, which means our students earned more than $3,550,000 through the College Credit Plus program.