June 25, 2024

Focusing on Outcomes for Students: A Preview of the 2023-2024 U.S. News Best Medical Schools: Research Rankings | Best Graduate Schools

As education costs continue to soar, students and their families are increasingly focused on the student experience and career opportunities that education can offer. To meet this demand, the 2023-2024 U.S. News Best Medical Schools: Research methodology prioritizes measures that identify outcomes for prospective students.

Changes to the 2023-2024 Best Medical Schools: Research methodology include:

  • The addition of NIH Grant Awards as a measure of research quality
  • An increase in the weight of faculty/student ratios
  • A reduction in overall weights of reputation surveys
  • A reduction in MCAT and GPA scores

Full methodology weights and measures will be available upon publication on April 18.

Earlier this year, some medical schools chose not to provide their institution’s statistical data to U.S. News. In order to ensure that students had a fair basis for comparison, U.S. News used data from submitted statistical surveys in 2023 (or 2022 if 2023 was not available), and included publicly available metrics from the National Institutes of Health.

Accordingly, the rankings for the top 15 Medical Schools: Research are*:




1   Johns Hopkins University
2   University of Pennsylvania (Perelman)
3   Harvard University
4   University of California—San Francisco (tie)
4   Washington University in St. Louis (tie)
6   Columbia University
7   Stanford University (tie)
7   Yale University (tie)
9   Duke University (tie)
9   University of Michigan—Ann Arbor (tie)
11   University of Pittsburgh
12   Northwestern University (Feinberg)
13   New York University (Grossman)
14   Cornell University (Weill) (tie)
14   Mayo Clinic School of Medicine (Alix) (tie)

We know how difficult it is to be a student searching for comparable information, and we will continue to incorporate data that medical schools reported directly to U.S. News over the past two years on the U.S. News’ rankings and school profile pages, including indicators not used in the ordinal rankings and other critical information.

More data on schools benefits everyone. U.S. News remains committed to collecting more data on the metrics that matter most to students in future iterations of our rankings. By doing so, we hope to empower students with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions about their educational pursuits and set themselves up for success. We understand the tough choices that prospective students face when it comes to the value of their education, and we are dedicated to providing them with the necessary information to navigate these decisions with confidence.

*The 2023-2024 Best Graduate School Rankings are considered final when published on USNews.com in their entirety on April 25, 2023.