July 24, 2024

How Technology Can Affect Student Learning

How Technology Can Affect Student Learning

With the development of cloud technologies, social networks, Google tools, YouTube, Twitter, etc., education is becoming more accessible. Thanks to the Internet, it is now possible to study anywhere in the world and at any time. There are many online courses on the Internet, many of which are free. These and other novelties in education, such as the use of technologies, make education easier, more affordable, and fun!

Modern Technologies in Students Learning 

Education is currently undergoing a transformation. A lot of modern learning is done online.  UNESCO’s definition of e-learning is learning through the Internet and multimedia. E-learning started Smart Education. This is a new philosophy of learning, which is called intelligent learning. It brings together educational institutions, teaching staff to carry out joint educational activities on the Internet on the basis of common standards, agreements, and technologies. It is about sharing and using content. 

Smart learning is flexible learning in an interactive educational environment with freely available content from around the world. Consequently, knowledge becomes widely available. Appropriate technical support and Internet access are required for smart learning. The use of modern interactive learning technologies forms conditions for creative learning. 

Teachers use interactive whiteboards and special software in the educational process. For example, Smart Classroom Suite is software that includes an integrated package that is used in a computer room. Smart Classroom Suite software allows you to manage the learning process in the classroom and conduct classes. This complex includes the following software:

  • For joint learning – Smart Notebook;
  • for students – Smart Notebook SE;
  • to control the learning process – Smart Sync;
  • for conducting an interactive survey – SmartResponse.

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The following educational trends have been identified by Forbes as primary in the world’s teaching practice:

  • Online education as a leader in educational technology. This is due to the growing number of video courses online, as well as other e-learning materials;
  • personalization of online learning with an emphasis on individual learning;
  • gamification of education – introduction of game technologies in learning; This is an opportunity to give knowledge about the world through an interactive immersion in the virtual world.
  • interactive textbooks. 

Sony has recently launched the Vision Exchange interactive platform, which creates a user-friendly learning and collaboration environment. Thanks to it, meeting participants can transfer content to a large LED crystal screen using the drag technique. The platform has a built-in Skype application, so you can connect people from anywhere in the world to the video session. Vision Exchange has extensive device support, so students can work on collaborative projects in groups by connecting their laptops or tablets wirelessly to the platform. This allows you to share content with each other and with teachers, add annotations and digital tags to presentations.

Traditional education, where the teacher was the main focus in the classroom, is evolving – thanks to the evolution in modern learning, now the classroom (online or offline one) is a place where every student can play an active role in education. This creates favorable conditions for interaction between students and the teacher, encouraging students to be more willing to participate in educational projects.

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New Opportunities

The purpose of modern learning is to make education more effective by transferring the learning process to an electronic environment. This gives everyone access, expanding the number of people willing to learn from anywhere and at any time. Students get the opportunity to study independently by watching lectures online or offline, complete tests remotely, and participate in projects. Modern digitalized education opens new opportunities for both students and teachers, making learning more accessible as well as entertaining.

How Technology Can Affect Student Learning