June 15, 2024

Tennessee Education Department defends Rachael Maves hiring

Tennessee Department of Education Commissioner Penny Schwinn listens to parents and school faculty members during the student-focused public education funding town hall meeting on October 27, 2021, in Hendersonville, Tenn. This is the first of eight state-led town hall meetings to discuss revising the state's education funding formula.

The Tennessee Office of Education is defending a best formal accused of operating to abolish innovative math coursework and pondering “math is racist.”

The section sent a letter to lawmakers this 7 days soon after a conservative textbook fee member and conservative media raised issues about the new choosing of Rachael Maves, the department’s new chief of planning and performance.

“Rachael joined the Office mainly because of her solid ideological alignment with the Administration’s education and learning priorities and her motivation to placing superior educational expectations for all learners,” Charlie Bufalino, assistant commissioner of plan and legislative affairs for the department, informed leading lawmakers in an email received by The Tennessean. “There is unquestionably no fact to the headline that a single of the [d]epartment’s personnel thinks math is racist.”