April 22, 2024

The scariest classes you can analyze at university

Are you fascinated by witches and magic? Do stories about the Devil pique your fascination? And do you normally expend time thinking if there are supernatural realms over and above our own?

If you answered sure to any of these queries then taking a single of the programs below could be right up your road.

You will study about the origins of supernatural beings, how individuals relate to them and how the social constructs of ghosts and spirits have evolved around time. 

Indicator up for a person of these programs – if you are courageous enough.

Parapsychology, University of Edinburgh

If you are intrigued in understanding about subject areas this sort of as magic and the paranormal, a parapsychology degree may well be a superior option for you. 

The College of Edinburgh’s Koestler Parapsychology Unit conducts research in lots of distinct parts of parapsychology, together with the historic context, out-of-human body encounters, ordeals of hauntings, dreaming and psychic ability. 

College students are able to get classes on quite a few of these subject areas across all review degrees.