April 14, 2024

There’s no substitute for learning the classes of staying a great teacher

Past and present Weekday Religious Education teachers for Morgan County include, from left, Roberta Miller, Joey Thomas, Kay Hainley, Mickey Elliott and Mary Lee Wesner. (File/Mickey Elliott)

Academics affect our finding out, our improvement, and may even make a change in what we turn out to be. Teachers play a really significant part in the lives of our young children. As Weekday Spiritual Instruction instructors, we want to make a difference in the life of our pupils and I am certain lecturers in the faculty technique have the same need.

Our prayer is our college students will make superior selections in lifestyle, become excellent citizens contributing to this local community, and sometime construct powerful family units. We want them to be men and women of all ages of fantastic religion who adore and serve their God and each and every other.

What it normally takes to make a distinction

In the procedure of getting to be a very good teacher, attitude is major. The efficient attitudes of a good instructor are significant to the students turning out to be potent, impartial adults. Allow us glimpse at the attitudes that have been verified to be successful via the years: