July 24, 2024
Time to stop needed attendance

Lansing — Republican Point out Board of Education member Tom McMillin says Michigan must conclude its faculty attendance guidelines that broadly involve parents to assure their youngsters are in course soon after the mass shooting at Oxford High College.

With some exceptions, the longstanding compulsory attendance law requires mother and father and guardians to mail their learners to university during the faculty 12 months. Repealing the law would mark a dramatic and not likely overhaul of Michigan general public schooling, funding for which is at this time primarily based on attendance quantities.

On Monday, McMillin, a former conservative point out House member from Oakland Township, contended that dad and mom who are anxious about their children’s psychological overall health should not have to “get worried about what the condition thinks or truancy officers or nearly anything.”

Time to stop needed attendance

“As I reported, if they have to have to get their youngster out for a week, a month, a year and do regardless of what they want with training while focusing on their kid’s psychological wellbeing, then they should do it,” McMillin stated. “And I’ve observed that the pressures of college needs can bear down on children with psychological overall health difficulties and their moms and dads.”